How Much Water Should I Drink to Lose Weight




The Impact Of Water On Your Weight Loss Efforts

Many dieters mistakenly believe that water and the resulting “water weight” hinder their weight loss efforts. This is not true! Water and proper hydration actually help you lose weight for a variety of reasons including:

Water Is Calorie Free - Water is 100% calorie free and should always be your first choice for a beverage. Sodas and colas contain only liquid sugar (corn syrup) and artificial colors and flavors, replacing them with water can save you hundreds of calories every day. Sugar free or “diet” options are not a safe alternative, drink water. 

Water Reduces Your Appetite - A glass of water before a meal or snack will help you feel full sooner and suppress your appetite. If you drink cold water, you can burn additional calories as your body must heat the water up in order to use it. Adding ice to your water can actually burn an extra 50 to 100 calories each day! If you drink a glass of ice water before each meal, you can easily burn 50 more calories and eat 50 fewer calories. That’s 100 calories a day and about an extra pound of fat lost each month.

Water Supports A Healthy Metabolism - All cellular functions in your body require water, including fat oxidation (fat burning). Your body will not function properly without enough water and cannot metabolize stored fat efficiently.

Water Supports Healthy Digestion And Elimination - When you drink too little water, your body siphons what it needs from your blood and digestive system. Your colon is a primary source, which leads to constipation. When you drink enough water, normal bowel function and elimination are maintained.

Water Flushes Waste (And Fat) - Water keeps your kidneys and liver clean and healthy. During weight loss, your body has a lot of waste to eliminate, including the waste products that are byproducts of fat burning. If you want to become leaner, drink more water. Drinking more water will promote clean kidneys, promote urination and actually prevent water weight gain.

How Much Water?

Every “expert” has their own opinion on how much water you should drink daily. Most do agree that on the average, you should drink eight - 8 ounce glasses throughout the day. Keep in mind that an overweight person needs one additional glass for every 25 pounds of excess weight. If in doubt, drink until your urine is clear and keep it clear. If you're on the plan, here's a helpful guide from their website, but according to the article "we still recommend drinking 64 ounces of water each day." 

Certainly that's the baseline, you should also increase your water intake if the weather is exceptionally hot or you are increasing your activity level. Cool water is more easily absorbed when exercising and as mentioned above, cold water before meals burns more calories. If you tire of the bland taste of your water, add a few thinly sliced lemons, limes or oranges for natural, low calorie flavor.




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