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Kitchen appliance trends for 2022, so what are they? Let's find out!

If your goal is to get healthy, you will be doing a good deal more cooking at home. Add to that the rising cost of dining out and preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks every day at home opened our eyes to the necessity of smart kitchen gadgets. They minimize the labor, quicken the cooking process, make the kitchen look fabulous, save time, and most importantly, make food tastes incredible. With that in mind, we devised this list of kitchen appliance trends for 2022 to inspire your cooking this year!

  1. Dishwasher Drawers & Portable Dishwasher Trend

Dishwasher drawers are suitable for couples and small families. A dishwasher drawer is for those who prefer cleaning up the dishes after each meal instead of waiting till the dishes pile up.

A dishwasher in a drawer, especially a double stacking one, is an excellent addition to the list kitchen appliance trend for 2022. It has several advantages. You can function with lesser kitchen utensils as they don't lie stacked in the big dishwasher to be available only the next day. Its compact design requires less water & energy. Moreover, filling the drawer is easier on the back, not needing you to bend over each time while stacking or removing dishes.

The portable countertop dishwasher is for bachelors, students, those who live on rentals or need to move often. It works well for boats and caravans too. It is perfect for cleaning limited utensils, requires very little storage space, and can have about five washing programs. You can wash regular dishes, baby care products, fruits, and more.

  1. Electric Induction Cooktop Trend

The Empava Electric Induction Cooktop is a large 36-inch spacious design with five burners. The appealing sleek look and useful appliance feature nine power settings that delight cooking and make it a top choice on our list of kitchen appliance trends for 2022.

This cooktop heats up a lot faster than gas stoves. On top of that, having five cooking stations allows you to prepare multiple dishes for family and guests at a go while saving much time. Its touch controls are user-friendly. The appliance has the in-built functionality to denote whether the cookware used is suitable to use on the cooktop or not.

Empava has also ticked off four key safety features. It has auto shutdown, child lock safety, offers protection from over-heating, and has an indicator to alert about residual heat. The smooth vitro ceramic glass surface is built to withstand spills and is easy to clean. All these reasons have made it a trendsetter of 2022.

  1. Vacuum Sealer Trend

The rising food prices, especially of fresh organically produced fruit, vegetables, & beverages, leave no room for food wastage. Hence, vacuum sealers became a trend, and it helps keep food fresh for a much more extended period than zip-lock bags and air-tight containers.

The vacuum sealer is an automatic air-sealing technology to preserve all kinds of food items. You can seal dry solid foods by clicking the dry touch button. It's great for storing wet items (such as marinated meat, steamed leftover dumplings, or simmered veggies); use the moist setting. Some brands, such as the NutriChef vacuum sealer, also come with an air hose & wine stopper to seal leftover wine. The free waterproof and reusable bags make it more user-friendly.

You can also choose to built-in the vacuum sealer in your appliance space or cabinet section for an organized and neat kitchen setup. Thus, it slows down the degrading process of food and stretches the time to consume the foods, thereby cutting down food wastage, saving money, and staying healthy in the long run.

  1. Bluetooth, Wifi Connectivity, & AI Assistance in Kitchen Appliances Trend

In kitchen appliances trends for 2022, gadgets with the ability to connect via Bluetooth, wifi, and AI support are in demand. Smart homes call for provision to manage cooking via smartphones and speech.

You don't need to wait in the kitchen while the oven is preheating. Furthermore, your oven can sync timers with the microwave, and you can set your rice cooker/air fryer to warm mode while watching tv in the living room.

On top of that, using your smartphone or Alexa, you can adjust the temperature of your refrigerator or time your oven/microwave/stove-top. In addition, you can save energy consumption by switching off lights/appliances when away for work or a trip.

  1. Steam Oven Trend

One common complaint about cooking in ovens is that the air heating technique often sucks the moisture and dries out the food. To counter the issue of overly dry food, cheese, cream, butter, or other high-calorie sauces are added to the dish.

Therefore, steam ovens have scooped the market and made our list of kitchen appliance trends for 2022. A steam oven includes all the functions of a normal range, and it stands out for its steam heating technique which keeps food moist and delicious. With this gadget in your kitchen, you can achieve perfectly baked moist meat with a crisp outside. Baked items, such as bread, cupcakes, and croissants, also turn of fantastic.

The steam oven is also considered a healthier form of cooking. It keeps the nutrients and vitamins in food intact, and the result is a flavor-rich dish that tastes great and is texturally perfect.

  1. Cookie Press Trend

Cookie making saw a rise with people switching to healthy snacking options. But for those on the 5+1 plan, you could use this tool for either a cookie or brownie option if you made more than one fueling in advance!

The cookie press is a manual pumping device filled with semi-wet dough. Next, you attach your preferred die-disc and press out beautifully shaped cookies. The cookie press cuts out the trouble of rolling the dough, which often cracks or turns out uneven. Oxo cookie press comes with 12 cookie designs to prepare delicious home-baked cookies for different occasions.

I hope the above products have given you an idea of the latest Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2022. You can sort the suitable ones and bag the best deal on your new purchase!




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