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Let's explore Swai Fish And Their Health Benefits in this Post

Swai fish is a white freshwater fish most commonly farmed in Vietnam. It is known by different names such as Basa, Cream dory, silver striped catfish, Panga, Sutchi, and Vietnamese river cobbler.

This Southeast Asia fish is pretty affordable. Given below is a list of swai fish health benefits!

Swai Fish Contain High-Quality Protein Content

The high-quality protein present in swai fish aids the body in multiple ways. It helps produce vital enzymes, supports cell’s enzymatic functions, as well as works towards the repair & development of tissues. Additionally, it assists in building muscle mass.  

Some scientific research has found that fish protein keeps one full for a longer period of time as compared to diverse animal proteins. Therefore, including swai fish in the diet can help in managing weight!

Swai Fish is Low in Calories

The swai fish has a flaky texture and mellow flavor that can easily absorb the taste of the sauce, gravy, or dressing. Since it's low in calories you can relish it for lunch or dinner 2-3 times per week. A serving of about 125 grams of cooked sway fish contains 160 calories.

Its fleshy fillets are boneless and taste delicious when grilled, fried, or broiled. Due to its versatility in cooking, it is served at multiple US restaurants.

Swai Fish Contains Healthy Fats

The swai fish contains good amounts of healthy fats. It aids in energizing the body, controls the body’s temperature, as well as supports overall development.

As compared to other varieties of single-boned fish, swai is less fatty and oily, thereby making it a healthy addition to the diet.

Swai Fish is Good for the Heart

Swai fish does have small amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, especially EPA & DHA acids that assist in maintaining heart health. It is great at preventing heart disease risks and thereby increasing life span.

Moreover, being a lean fish that is low in sodium content, it is an excellent addition to the everyday healthy meal. It can aid in reducing the extra carb intake as well as help regular blood pressure levels.


Swai fish is a great addition to your weight loss and heart health efforts; add them to your next grocery list and try a few of our swai fish recipes!





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