35 Healthy Italian Recipes - Lean & Green, Keto & Low-Carb

Looking for great lean and green Italian recipes? Then you've come to the right place! Browse our selection of 35 amazing healthy Italian recipes that are sure to keep you on plan and reaching your optimal weight loss goals! We've compiled some of the best quick and easy Italian recipes we could find and put them with some other great Italian recipes all in one easy-to-find place!

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Check out these 35 quick & easy lean and green healthy Italian recipes below!

Italian Wedding Soup

Healthy Italian Wedding Soup

Creamy Rustic Tomato Herb Soup

Healthy Creamy Rustic Tomato Herb Soup Recipe

This Creamy Rustic Tomato Herb Soup fueling hack is my new favorite. It's simple to make and gives a rich and creamy flavor!

Brown & White Mushroom Soup

Healthy Brown & White Mushroom Soup Recipe

Nothing is better on cooler days than a nice warm cup of soup. This amazing Brown & White Mushroom Soup is rich, creamy and completely on plan!

Italian Sausage Patties and Peppers

Healthy Italian Sausage Patties and Peppers Recipe

If you're looking for an easy-to-prepare lean and green recipe well this Italian Sausage Patties and Peppers is for you. It's a simple set of ingredients but is full of flavor!

Italian Shrimp and Broccoli

Healthy Italian Shrimp and Broccoli Recipe

I always love a simple shrimp recipe and this easy-to-make Italian Shrimp and Broccoli recipe is full of fiber and flavor; plus with the leanest option, you get 7 full oz of shrimp!

Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore

Healthy Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore Recipe

Trying to figure out what to make for dinner? Try this Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore recipe! It taste delicious and is easy to make!

Grilled Chicken with Tomato Bruschetta

Healthy Grilled Chicken with Tomato Bruschetta Recipe

Want to taste a classic Italian dish without the bread? Then try this Grilled Chicken with Tomato Bruschetta recipe! It taste amazing and takes very little time to prepare.

Spiralized Zoodles with Shrimp

Healthy Spiralized Zoodles with Shrimp Recipe

Want a tasty pasta recipe? Try this Spiralized Zoodles with Shrimp recipe! Its tasty, healthy, and takes no time at all!

Chicken Alfredo & Spinach Pizza w/Cauliflower Crust

Healthy Chicken Alfredo & Spinach Pizza w/Cauliflower Crust Recipe

Are those pizza cravings coming back? Then try this Alfredo Sauce Chicken & Spinach Pizza w/Cauliflower Crust!

Tiramisu Milkshake

Healthy Tiramisu Milkshake Recipe

Who doesn't enjoy a great on plan milkshake? Well this amazing Tiramisu Milkshake fueling hack is the perfect way to switch up your daily fueling routine.

Neapolitan Froyo Popsicles

Healthy Neapolitan Froyo Popsicles Recipe

Are you ready for a summer treat? Then you have to try this Neapolitan Froyo Popsicles recipe hack! It's a nice treat to cool you down on those hot summer days.

More information about why Zucchini Noodles recipes are a great healthy choice

We're working hard to compile the most comprehensive and easy-to-use list of healthy Italian recipes and lean green meals you'll find anywhere. These lean and green recipes and healthy meals have all been reviewed and are on plan.

Lean and green recipes are vital to staying on track for your weight loss efforts. In addition, the healthy Italian recipes here have been created are crafted by expert chefs and nutritionists so you know you're getting a meal that is both healthy and delicious!

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