18 Healthy Eggs Recipes - Lean & Green, Keto & Low-Carb

Looking for great lean and green Eggs recipes? Then you've come to the right place! Browse our selection of 18 amazing healthy Eggs recipes that are sure to keep you on plan and reaching your optimal weight loss goals! We've compiled some of the best quick and easy Eggs recipes we could find and put them with some other great Eggs recipes all in one easy-to-find place!

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Check out these 18 quick & easy lean and green healthy Eggs recipes below!

Pepper Egg in a Hole

Healthy Pepper Egg in a Hole Recipe

Are you looking for a healthy, low-calorie breakfast that's quick and easy to make? Look no further than this lean and green pepper egg in a hole recipe!

Spaghetti Squash Kugel

Healthy Spaghetti Squash Kugel Recipe

This simple single serve casserole is a favorite around our house and you can add chick or shrimp to get a full lean and green meal with this Spaghetti Squash Kugel dish. 

Cinnamon Bun Blondies

Healthy Cinnamon Bun Blondies Recipe

I love a good rich cinnamon bun and now with this Cinnamon Bun Blondies fueling hack recipe I can enjoy them guilt free and on plan!


One Pan Shakshuka

Healthy One Pan Shakshuka Recipe

Take your senses on an amazing journey with this wonderful One Pan Shakshuka recipe. A rich tomato base dish combined with plenty of peppers, spices and eggs is a delight anytime!

Dash Mini Waffle Maker Omelette

Healthy Dash Mini Waffle Maker Omelette Recipe

This Dash Mini Waffle Maker Omelette made with egg whites is a perfect addition for breakfast, plus it's a fraction of your daily lean and green counts!

Zucchini Spinach Manicotti

Healthy Zucchini Spinach Manicotti Recipe

Manicotti is an Italian dish full of flavor, loaded with cheese and sauce.

Asparagus & Crab Meat Frittata

Healthy Asparagus & Crab Meat Frittata Recipe

Kicking off your day with a perfect frittata is where it's at and with this Asparagus & Crab Meat Frittata recipe you'll be going strong all day!

Chicken and Kohlrabi Noodle Soup

Healthy Chicken and Kohlrabi Noodle Soup Recipe

Originally a Hungarian dish, this modified version of Kohlrabi Soup, Chicken and Kohlrabi Noodle Soup, is savory and delicious.

Healthy Parmesan Meatballs & Collard Greens Recipe

Who said meatballs were only for pasta? This Parmesan Meatballs & Collard Greens recipe is easy and delicious! This is a dish that the whole family is sure to love!

Kale, Tomato, & Goat Cheese Egg Muffins

Healthy Kale, Tomato, & Goat Cheese Egg Muffins Recipe

Starbucks might have egg bites, but you can have these protein rich, on plan Kale, Tomato, & Goat Cheese Egg Muffins right at home!

Instant Pot Napa Cabbage & Kimchi Stew

Healthy Instant Pot Napa Cabbage & Kimchi Stew Recipe

Every heard of Kimchi-jjigae or kimchi stew? Well this amazing Korean dish, is typically made with kimchi and other ingredients, such as pork or seafood, scallions, onions, and diced Dubu.

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