The OPTAVIA Optimal Weight 5 in 1 Plan® is an eating plan that works to put your body into a great nutrient rich environment to help you have energy but also putting you into a calorie deficit so you lose weight quickly, but healthily.

While on the OPTAVIA Optimal Weight 5 and 1 Plan® you can expect to lose anywhere between 12-20 a month. While you are on the plan you will eat every 2-3 hours; 5 of the meals will be OPTAVIA foods accompanied by 1 lean and green meal a day. Your initial order will consist of 22 boxes which will be enough to get you through the entire month!

OPTAVIA Optimal Weight 5 in 1 Plan Fuelings

Each one of our OPTAVIA Fuelings are comprised of 24 vitamins and minerals, 11 grams of protein, 14 carbs, 3 grams of fat, and 6 grams of sugar. Plus, all of your needed daily probiotics are in the foods! Each of your 5 daily fuelings is comprised of about about 100-110 calories per meal and they're packed full of your essential Vitamins A-E.  No GMOs, no artificial sweeteners and there are numerous gluten free options.

OPTAVIA Optimal Weight 5 and 1 Plan Lean and Green Meals

The lean and green meal, like the many you will find here, is one you prepare yourself each day. These meals will consist of 5-7 ounces of lean skinless meat, grilled or baked and then coupled with 2-3 servings of non-starchy greens or veggies. All portions and options will be provided in the 5&1 guide with the plan when delivered.  The lean and green meal is the only thing you have to get outside of the box of foods. One thing to consider here is that you'll likely need smaller quantities than you purchased in the past because, 1 you'll only be eating 1 lean and green meal per day and 2 you're eating a much smaller portion that you likely did in the past. Keep that in mind as you do your grocery shopping each week. I liked the program so much I literally built this website to make it easy for others to find great lean and green recipes.

The plan really is that simple, you just eat all 5 of the daily fueling servings and your one lean and green meal; couple that with 64 ounces of water (if you can) and effort to get 6-8 hours of sleep. Your kit will include a guide that will give you the proper meats, greens, healthy fats, healthy snacks and condiments that are approved and in the right amounts as well. If you still have questions, I'm happy to provide a full list of condiments when you're ready to make the leap. Another handy tool included in your kit is a dining out guide; the guide is useful for the times when your out at restaurants with family and friends so you know what to order. 

If you're serious an want to get started, send me an text and we can work to get your order placed together. Once you've placed your first order, your subsequent orders will re-ship every month until you decide to stop your orders. These additional orders are automatically shipped, but you can cancel at any time or push your date out to 60 days without any penalty, if needed.  After about 3 weeks we will want to revisit your results, if you plan to continue the plan and then decide if you want to re-order and keep going to get to goal or transition if you're not already there. 

OPTAVIA Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan Before & After

I lost 40 pounds in about 10 weeks, was it easy, no but if you're motivated to get healthy this program will change your life! Focus on whatever it is that's motivated you to want to lose the weight and change your health.  Staying focused on your goal will help you reach your goals and hit the targets faster. THE WHY is the biggest thing behind the WHAT! I can help you figure out the WHY when and if you decide to jump on, but it is a life changer, life saver and it works! The cost for the months worth of meals is between $350-$425 depending upon what items you order, but I've found I'm saving money by not eating out regularly and having a much smaller portion for my lean and green than I was eating in the past.

Now, a couple of questions that are vital are for me to know what are your goals? How much weight would you like to lose? What is your current height and age so I can check a healthy BMI range for you to get to. Then also do you have any health issues in regards to thyroid or diabetes? These help me know if the Optimal Weight 5 in 1 Plan or another plan would be best as there are a couple options. 

One important thing to note is during your initial 2-3 weeks of the plan, there is no working out. I realized that for some this may be a difficult change, but when you’re on the 5&1 plan you're going to be in a constant calorie deficit. Additional workouts will require additional fuel, something that you're body can't sustain; however once we get you to goal, we can certainly work to bring exercise back in. All of that said, a brisk walk or light yoga during the weight loss phase is ok but nothing that will raise your heart rate too high. If you want feedback from my personal experience I'm happy to share that with you. 

If you feel it's vital that you continue to workout 3-5 times a week for 45 minutes with high intensity,  I would recommend that you do the 4.2.1 plan as opposed to the Optimal Weight 5 iand1 Plan and that will give you the calorie intake you need for weight loss while working out. 




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