You can satisfy your culinary appetite through various means - whether it's cooking or enjoying a new recipe, or indulging in food-filled shows that are visually appetizing. Observing your favorite or intriguing cuisines being expertly crafted by some of the world's finest chefs right before your eyes is undeniably one of the most comforting experiences you can have while cozying up in bed.

Prime Video offers an impressive selection of these shows, and we have curated a list of the best food and cooking shows available on the channel.

Top Cooking Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime

#1 Grow, Cook, Eat

Michael Kelly and Karen O’Donohoe, the hosts, guide new gardeners in growing their own produce in each episode of the show. The focus is on a single vegetable, covering sowing seeds, tilling, watering, and providing tips on quirks and pests specific to certain vegetables like broad beans and tomatoes. Special guests join each episode to showcase cooking techniques and recipes using the harvested produce.

#2 The Contender Film

Discover the requirements for participating in the renowned Bocuse d'Or cooking competition, also known as the most prestigious cooking competition worldwide. Learn about the intensive one-year training regimen certified master chefs Rich Rosendale and Corey Siegel underwent in 2012 to secure the chance to represent the United States and strive for gold. This feature highlights the journey of Rich Rosendale, Corey Siegel, and Daniel Boulud.

#3 Iron Chef

Iron Chef (Ryōri no Tetsujin), one of the oldest shows on this list, stood out as an intensely competitive cooking show. It revolutionized the culinary world by turning cooking into a sport with strict time constraints. The contestants had just an hour to create exceptional cuisine for a diverse panel of judges from around the globe, incorporating a specific ingredient designated for the day. These epic pantry battles pitted Japan's reigning Iron Chefs against formidable culinary experts from all corners of the world, each showcasing their elite culinary skills.

To improve your streaming experience, use a VPN to watch Iron Chef. Thanks to a fast VeePN you can effectively combat buffering and move freely between streaming service servers in different countries. The latter means you don't have to limit yourself to the best food shows from just your home region. Moreover, some VPNs even offer a free trial period so that you can thoroughly test the level of services and now you know where to watch Iron Chef.

#4 Food Safari

TV channels like National Geographic and Discovery have made the word 'Safari' quite familiar, taking viewers on trips to reserved sanctuaries where they can witness diverse wildlife. Following the same concept, Food Safari searches for the most delightful cordon bleu recipes. Maeve O'Meara explores exquisite cuisines, condiments, and top-level restaurants from various countries, putting them together in the pantry for visitors and viewers to enjoy. Initially based in Australia, Food Safari has expanded to include spinoffs that cover a broader geographical area, offering unique and intriguing culinary experiences.

#5 My Kitchen Rules

If you're tired of ordinary cooking shows and craving some excitement and flavor, we have a spicy and drama-filled recommendation for you. My Kitchen Rules, based on the Australian cooking show of the same name, features celebrity duos competing against one another as they cook and critique each other's dishes in luxurious Hollywood homes. Each team takes turns hosting dinner parties, aiming to impress their rivals and two professional chefs, Curtis Stone and Cat Cora, with an impressive menu. At the end of each episode, the teams with the lowest scores from each round face elimination.

#6 Truly Texas Mexican

Home cooking, known as "Comida Casera," brings joy regardless of the country. However, its significance amplifies in Mexico and among those residing in Texas. Truly Texas Mexican is not merely a series but a soulful documentary based on Adán Medrano's book of the same name. It delves into the historical roots, culinary heritage, and cultural aspects of Texas Mexican cuisine. By the way, if the series is not available in your country, you can find a solution here and remove the block in a couple of clicks. This film pays homage to the myriad influences that have shaped this cuisine, from the Chili Queens of San Antonio to the Native Americans, as well as the mothers and grandmothers who have passed down their traditions and recipes from one generation to the next.

#7 Eat. Race. Win.

Nowadays, fitness has become a growing concern for everyone. However, if you're an athlete, the pressure to excel adds a layer. As a fitness enthusiast, you understand the importance of a balanced diet at this level of competition. "Eat. Race. Win." is a documentary that unveils the healthiest and most elite recipes fueling the cyclists at the Tour de France. These recipes provide the necessary nutrients to overcome extreme situations while still satisfying your taste buds. They're easy to cook, incredibly delicious, and offer the full benefits of a healthy diet.

#8 Paula's Home Cooking

For decades, Paula Deen, one of America's beloved Southern chefs, has been preparing her down-home comfort food from her kitchen in Savannah, Georgia. Paula's wit and charm shine through as she embraces the indulgent pleasures of life, using generous amounts of butter, sugar, and all the gooey goodness. However, she reminds us to enjoy these delights in moderation, as everything is better in balance.


2. Healthy Shredded Beef Stew: Ropa Vieja Recipe

Healthy Shredded Beef Stew: Ropa Vieja Recipe

Any way your prepare it you're going to love this Shredded Beef Stew Ropa Vieja dish, a Cuban favorite! Cool fall days or anytime you feel like spicing things up a little, give this amazing lean and green recipe a try.

Full Recipe>>

Whether you want to develop the art of cooking, watch more experienced chefs, or just have fun, cooking shows offer it in abundance. You can learn more about the intricacies of cooking in different conditions and find the perfect way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whatever you prioritize when searching for cooking shows, you can find it all in the series listed.




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